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Belts and gauges two in one shoot and i need help

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    Belts and gauges two in one shoot and i need help

    First question, i want to dump the smog pump but keep the A/C is the a belt setup for that ?

    Second question, I also bought a new oil, water, battery gauges but i cant under stand how to hook up the oil pressure and as far as the battery goes i know that ez and the coolant sensor shouldnt be to hard i would just have to make a small in the raditor ( i think )

    any ideas ?

    Yes there is a belt that will fit your application, I still have to pick up mine. But you do NOT want to put your sensor through your radiator. You will have to find a coolant passage port to put the sensor in. The intake manifold or possibly the heads might have it for your application. For your oil pressure you will need to find an oil passage, you could use the one that runs your dummy light or run a T fitting to it. I need pics to describe this stuff better but I hope it helps a little.
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      The coolant sensor is on the drivers side of the lower intake. Remove it, and install the adaptors to make it work. Install the wiring and stuff thru the boot around the steering column....

      The oil pressure, you need some brass fittings. Hopefully someone has pics

      And PLEASE dont drill a hole in the rad! :p
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        yes heres a pic of the belt
        click the link duw

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