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signs of fuel pump failure?

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    signs of fuel pump failure?

    What are some signs of a failing fuel pump? Is a noisy pump usually a sign?

    Depends I guess. You could get a pressure tester and see how much pressure it's giving. But, if it's noisier than usual it probably is on it's way out
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      usually when the motor dies in the middle of the road and wont start.... thats a good idication the fuel pump died.
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        ...or the TFI module died...
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          I had a fuel pump in one of my cars die in a parking lot. Came out from work and couldnt get the car to start so someone gave me a ride home. Came back the next day, beat on the gas tank with a pipe and she started right up.
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            When the fuel pump in my truck was dying, it did some weird shit. It would run for almost exactly 5 minutes then would just cease running. You wouldn't be able to restart until a half hour later and you would have to unplug the map sensor (so it would start with an high idle and run rich), spray some starting fluid into the tb, and start it similar to a carbed car. I sold it two days later and it finally stopped running, it needed a new pump, new lines, a new fuel pressure regulator, and a bunch of other shit. I only got $350 for it anyway.

            You should be able to tell right away if the TFI is dead, if you unplug it your car will not start. They either work or they don't, there is no inbetween for them and you won't have spark.

            When the fuel pump was starting to go in my truck, it was noticeable. It would cut out under or miss badly under load and would run instantly better if I used fuel injector cleaner when I filled up with gas. It was also hard to start and it could barely get enough fuel to start in cold weather.

            Panther fuel pumps tend to be noisy, every panther I've been in I could hear the fuel pump when starting the car. I think its a good thing though, if you don't hear it, you know where to look first for a problem.
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              The running out of pep at WOT along with hitching and bucking is a definite bad sign. The one in David's car got really quiet before we replaced it, and it was doing the hitching and poor running thing. The one in my car is annoyingly loud.
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                My fuel pump is loud! I can hear it inside and outside the vehicle. So far, it's running OK.

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