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big block wagon back on track.....

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    big block wagon back on track.....

    Hello again, all....
    Well, after being tied up at work, and being forced to drive the UPS wagon(this wagon I am speaking of, lol), I am now going to start back on the 557 project. I bought another wagon to drive, a 1987 Colony Park (for some reason, my kids like this car better than my wife's Aerostar), so I can park the UPSmobile. I am now a manager-in-training at a local auto repair facility, that just also happens to do Exhaust (3-inch duals with an X-pipe, anyone? lol), so that takes care of that question...

    Just to be a little more clear, this is what I have in mind for this car:
    557 stroker 460 (my block guy is having to find me another damn block suitable for an .085 overbore (sonic test for bore thickness), his machine shop stole mine....$%#%%!!!!)
    TFS heads
    Weiand Stealth intake
    custom headers
    AOD with JW 460 swap bellhousing( I am buying one from a friend, who is going with a 5-speed)
    Custom-built (by me, already) AOD...4R70W planetary, 2" OD, mech. diode kit, 6-disc direct clutch drum (now 8 discs with an Alto red eagle powerpack), all Alto Red Eagle clutches and Kolene steels, built out of a 89 GT AOD, B&M holeshot convertor, hardened input shaft, Lentech valvebody (yet to purchase...I already have a Transgo AODHP kit in the valvebody, but I hate it)
    Modified 8.8 rear....31-spline axles, detroit mini locker, axle tubes welded in...T/A rear diff driveshaft..
    Rear control arm mods...with relocated upper control arms

    Well there is more there, but that should give you a general idea. The whole idea behind this engine setup was low-end torque, so this car will get out of its' own way, lol.
    As things move along, there is a possibility that I may buy a completed 427-stroked 351W short block from a friend(all forged goodies)....and just add nitrous to it. I would have less headaches to get this engine into the car(I already have all the 351W brackets), and would have more hood clearance to work with, and also have less weight ( I would use AFR 225 heads, or the new Jeg's/Kaase heads)..but headers will still be a problem, as the fox-body bolt-on stuff is too small....this is already appealing to me more than the big block stuff...I would just sell off the 557 stroker kit and related parts I already have, and just pour it into the 427. I am also under the distinct impression I may actually get a couple of miles per gallon better mileage, I am wanting to drive this a bit on the street.

    More later.

    cool! sounds well planned and expensive! dont know about streetability with either of those engines tho......just remember to keep compression under 10:1 so u can run pump gas

    1986 lincoln towncar signature series. 5.0 HO with thumper performance ported e7 heads, 1.7 roller rockers, warm air intake, 65mm throttle body, 1/2" intake spacer, ported intakes, 3.73 rear with trac lock, 98-02 front brake conversion, 92-97 rear disc conversion, 1" rear swaybar, 1 3/16" front swaybar, 16" wheels and tires, loud ass stereo system, badass cb, best time to date 15.94 at 87 mph. lots of mods in the works 221.8 rwhp 278 rwt
    2006 Lincoln Town Car Signature. Stock for now
    1989 Ford F-250 4x4 much much more to come, sefi converted so far.
    1986 Toyota pickup with LSC wheels and 225/60/16 tires.
    2008 Hyundai Elantra future Revcon toad
    1987 TriBurner and 1986 Alaska stokers keeping me warm. (and some pesky oil heat)

    please be patient, rebuilding an empire!


      Actually, streetability is the only thing on my mind at this point......going with a 427 will get me away from that, however....


        Pirate, as always, great rundown...

        Good luck with the job.
        1983 Grand Marquis 2Dr Sedan "Mercules"
        Tremec TKO conversion, hydraulic clutch, HURST equipped!