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Voltage Regulator Too Hot To Touch >.<

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    Voltage Regulator Too Hot To Touch >.<

    Perhaps I should start with a background. Just after getting out of highschool, I acquired a 1989 Grand Marquis which holds a special place in my heart. Anyways, the water pump went bad (I believe) triggered an engine light (Either from temp or low coolant flow). I informed everyone not to drive it; however my family, with their unlimited wisdom and foresight, joyously ignored the light and drove it while I was away. The result is an engine that wasn't too happy. Anyways, I swapped in a rebuilt engine.

    One of my initial issues post-swap was that I had an amp light on. It ended being that the voltage regulator wasn't grounded out well. Problem 1 Fixed! The next issue was that later, my battery began to seep out what is likely H2SO4 and H2O. Replaced that battery with a new unit since it was old anyways. My theory is that the battery was being overcharged.

    My real issue is that the external voltage regulator is getting too hot to touch when the car is running and after shutting the car off. In fact, it likes to stay hot for hours after the car is off. The only thing that cools it down is disconnecting the battery. I'm a mechanical person by nature but something just doesn't seem right. I suspect that something isn't wired correctly.

    The voltage regulator and alternator both bench test ok at autozone and advance. I replaced the regulator and that didn't solve the issue. The wiring seems ok according to my Haynes manual. Any ideas? I confide in you that I am clueless about this and fearful of killing another battery. The car runs fine btw and I'm not driving it atm.

    Finally, sorry for the long post. I'll try to keep things shorter in the future

    Regulator is fried and/or the alternator's diodes are shot. Probably the alternator is shorted internally and is pulling current from the battery. Those bench tests aren't always reliable. I had an alternator with a fried diode test fine on the bench, but the lights flashed and the voltmeter bounced about 2v the whole time I was driving. They argued with me about it not being the problem, but eventually gave me a new alternator. The problem went away.
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    Originally posted by phayzer5
    I drive a Lincoln. I can't be bothered to shift like the peasants and rabble rousers



      Thanks. I'll replace the alternator. It's a small price to pay for progress. ^^