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no heat at all

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    no heat at all

    its cold here in kentucky and i have no heat! it blows from all vents its just not hot air. ive left it on forever it never even gets warm. whats going on here?

    Probably the usual, your ambient temperature sensor has developed an internal vacuum leak, du to which there is vacuum applied to the blend door all the time - if there's vacuum in the servo the door stays open to cold ouside air and closed for warmth coming from the heater core. There are two solutions: one buy a new sensor (about $35), or two open the glove compartment, find the blend door vacuum servo and the big fat airline going to it, pull that line and plug it.


      If ATC, what he said. If its not ATC, or unplugging that vac line doesn't help, you'll want to check/change the thermostat, and feel both lines coming from the heater core to see if they're both warm. If they aren't, then the core is plugged. If the t-stat is stuck open or missing, the engine isn't going to warm up enough to produce any heat.
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        "find the blend door vacuum servo and the big fat airline going to it, pull that line and plug it."

        well there is a door back there and it stays shut all the time. is it supossed to be open for heat? there is a thin (not big or fat at all =/) white line going to it and i pulled it and plugged it. turned the heat on and it still never got any warm at all. no matter what that door wont open. i pushed it open and held it open for a little bit to see if it ever got hot but it never did. i guess im going to try what gadget said about feeling the lines from the heater core. BTW what does ATC mean???



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