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dash light issues...blowing fuses

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    dash light issues...blowing fuses

    since i have owned baby, her fuse for the dash lights has blown out now for the second time. anybody had this problem before? i am getting tired of not knowing my speed in the dark, and not being able to see the anything on the dash. anybody have a clue as to what it might be?

    and not to get off subject but the speakers i won on ebay arwe now considered to be a total loss. the person is now now longer a registered user, and have not received the speakers and i won the auction almost a month ago. anybody from new york area?

    i came up w/ 2 addresses, for the guy:

    Michael Ramsey .................michael Ramsey
    170 Dare Rd. .....................66 locust ave
    seldon, NY 11784................islip, ny 11751
    (631) 696-5822 ................(631) 224-1943

    anybody want to give this guy a call to see which one it is to find out if he plans on sending anything he sold on ebay? i want the dubs speakers i won and am now out the money.
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    Sounds like the wiring for them on the headlight switch may be bad, to me. I'd pull out the switch and check that and the plug.
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      yeah, check that and maybe the wiring for the ashtray light... it could have gotten pinched...

      and sorry to hear about the subs... I feel bad for suggesting ebay now
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        there is also a voltage limiter behind the dash of most cars it could be that.
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          i finally received the speakers. 2 weeks late and after waiting a month. i am still trying to track the wiring issue out to find why it is popping fuses.
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