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89' CV LTD Rebuild (Too Much To Ask For?)

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    89' CV LTD Rebuild (Too Much To Ask For?)

    Hey everyone, I just bought a:
    -1989 CV LTD 5.8
    -Red (Slight Sun "Weather" Damage) with White top (Same Problem)
    -Slight rust
    -Front seats are 50/50
    -Rear seat is great
    -Interior carpet looks good
    -Heat and A/C works wonders
    -Wipers don't work
    -Mismatched rims
    -Bald Tires
    -Missing trunk lock cover "Ford Emblem"
    -Slight fuel leak
    -And it sounds like I have a blown seal in the Engine somewhere, still runs

    Now it might seam bad but it really isnt. My only problem is finding parts while I am stationed in Italy. I can't wait until 2010 to start on it... I would appreciate any and all help in reguards to rebuilding and or locating parts.

    Welcome to GMN.

    Out of curiosity Did you find this Vic in Italy?

    As for parts, if you have the money I'm sure a few of us wouldn't mind locating things you need and shipping them to you.
    Resident diesel addict