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    Dear Gurus,
    Since I routinely carry sheepdogs in the back of my 89/91 Colony Park, I open and close the tailgate a lot. Over time it's got harder to close and now it needs to be slammed shut.
    It has an upper and lower latch. Both latch pins are bright metal on the top. The tailgate itself seems to have two to three inches of sag at the latch end.
    The latches look adjustable but the sage makes me think the problem is in the hinges. It's a heavy door. The hinges don't have any obvious adjustments.
    Thanks for your suggestions.
    Donald McCaig
    1989 CP Scottified steering, suspension and big brakes, 16 in wheels, A-pillar oil & temp gauges, remote entry, backup sensor, tailgate wiper, custom console & trash, tranny & ps coolers, 3 cell radiator, electric fan, dual exhausts, battery isolator, hellas headlights,deer pusher,wads of dog hair.

    I'm not real familier with the wagon doors, but if its like the front doors, you'll need to replace the hinge pins. I think you should be able to cut the old pins with a dremel or die grinder to get them out, then drive in new ones.
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    Originally posted by phayzer5
    I drive a Lincoln. I can't be bothered to shift like the peasants and rabble rousers


      WagonMan here,
      There are brass bushings in the lower hinge that need replacing. If the bushings look good, then the hinge needs adjusting.
      To get to the hinge nuts, you need to take the left interior panel and storage box out, as well as the fuel cut off switch. Once they are removed you can access the nuts. Loosen them up and raise the door while its swung open. Tighten the nuts and test. You may need to play with the adjustment a few times. I did this on my hearse and it worked great.
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      90 Colony Park
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