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how to fix rusted floor boards

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    how to fix rusted floor boards

    this is not just for my car but my bros new 87 jeep chrokee with a 2inch lift but it has a couple of hole in the floor board like mine but how do i fix
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    Use some sort of rust killer on the floor boards, let it cure, paint them with some fort of undercoating, cover with metal, rivet in place, and undercoat again.

    No problems.
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      Or find a car in the junkyard that is in good shape where you need to replace... and cut the floor pan out, a little bigger than you need to cover the rusted out place, cut out the bad place in your car, weld or rivet in the new panel, (just drop it in place on top of the floor pan after you cut out the rust) and then under coat inside the car, and outside... to keep it from rusting again...
      I found a new trunk pan for my car... like brand new...

      paid $20.00 for the whole trunk pan!

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