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1991 Grand Marq FULLY LOADED, Warning lots of pics

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    1991 Grand Marq FULLY LOADED, Warning lots of pics

    so heres the story of my merc.
    first i got it locally off ebay, mostly owned by an elderly lady who kept it in a garage for most its life, so it was in really good condition when i got it and i didnt hesitate the buy, immediatly after i got it i knew it had a lot of potential and then began the work other wise known as


    in the beginning,

    it was in excellent condition, i couldnt believe it
    then came the 20s, thanks to a good friend, they were used for about a month or two on an exploder then sat in the garage for several months til i gottem

    i did like how "dumped" it was but that was causing problems rubbing all around and the fender was eating the edge of my tires in the front

    that pic has the idea of the grill i want i photo shopped it a little
    these are after i put the rear springs in, 79-?? wagon coils thanks for the info on that guys, i put front spring in a couple weeks ago, plan on getting pics of that up latter on today maybe tommorrow but soon, moog 80090 98-02 police coils in the front, thanks southern pride on that one

    then my steering wheel, done some damage here, still dont have a horn but workin on it, grant signature series mahogany wood grain

    next comes my favorite part, audio n accessories, being an installer of course i pride myself in this area, just got it all done last night, been working on it for months well since about april or so i guess, i dont have any pics of my interior lighting but all of my bulbs have been replaced with 10mm white LED's, i replaced behind the cluster with the inverted side emmitting LED's but it came out a bluish color because of that factory green stuff, so i might try to take it apart and scratch it off but im gonna leave it how it is for a while, but here is the audio. dont have a pic of the headunit but im running a Pioneer Premier deh-p880prs connected to the CD-IB100II ipod adapter
    best radio ive ever had
    front doors are 2 sets of Eclipse SC8365 3 way 6.5" component sets (one pair in each door)

    rear deck is 2 sets of Eclipse SC8254 2 way 5.25 component sets (one pair on each side)

    then to the best part, the trunk, my front doors are running off the Eclipse XA4000 4ch amp located on the right rear of the trunk, the rears are running off another XA4000 4ch located on the left side of the trunk, and well heres some pics first,

    SOMEBODY HEELLLPPP!!!!!!! LOL thats me

    that pic is at night with the 52 LED's lighting the way 36 white 16 red

    thats with the camera flash
    im running 2 kicker ZX1500.1 1500 watt amps on 4 kicker solo-baric L7 15's, for the hidden details im using all monster cable through out, 404xln series 4ch rca's 402xln series 2ch rca's and 0ga power and ground, under the hood i have an Iraggi 220 amp alternator (still wanna run a second alt, just havent had time to look into it yet) going to an optima red top on the pass side of the hood, a Kinetik HC1800 power cell on the drivers side of the hood, and another Kinetik HC2000 power cell in the center of the trunk, protected by a Viper HV791 remote start, alarm, keyless entry system with more than enough sensors to let my pager keypad know how my car is doing, all of this combine makes for ONE HELLAVA SOUND SYSTEM, i dont know what kind of db's im hitting just yet, plan on going to at least one comp next year, still have some ideas running through my head mostly to do with the dash area, and would like to do a brake upgrade ( disc all around) but gotta start the research on that, maybe next year step up to 22" wheels but i like the way the 20's ride with the big tire on 'em, probly gonna do a little to the engine to make up for the weight but not really sure where to start.

    But all in all i LOVE MY MERCURY
    ill get the updated front spring pics up soon

    P.S. STICKY ME????

    wow that car is sweet, plan on any engine mods?


      I love it. I want some 20's but not that much tire so I wouldn't have to lift it at all. I love that style though. Keep up the good work.
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        That is a very clean car. I like that you went for style rather than size when you chose your wheels. Those 20's fill the wheel wells nicely.
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          i do plan on some engine mods at some point, not looking for a lot of power just something to compensate for the added weight, as of today though i have to fix my alternator issue, had another one go out.
          thanks for the compliments, still gotta get the new pics up with springs


            looks great mang

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              Nice car man, 20's do look really good on it too. Looks like you have a hell of a system too, I can't imagine how powerful 4 15's are in a merc.

              If you want some more power, you do an HO conversion (swap to 87-93 HO mustang e7 heads, cam, intakes, tb, and ecm). Swapping to an HO intake and TB is an easy upgrade to do for more torque, better throttle response, and a little better gas mileage. Stock duals or a conversion to a 2.25 exhaust system with mustang shorty headers is fairly cheap and easy to do also for some more power. Check the 5.0 tech section for more info.
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                Im not a fan of dubs but those fit the car well
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                  thanks again, and here is a quick pic of the new front springs installed, they deffinatly lifted the car alot, maybe a little to much but i like it, it still rides good but im sitting so high now its almost like driving a truck.


                    As long as you don't do what this guy did, you're all set.
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                      LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats rediculous, ive seen older chevy's n stuff done like that but i havent seen a panther like that, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!, im deffinatly not trying for that, LOL!!!!!!!!!

                      swaping to HO will possibly give me better gas mi. does any one have a roundabout figure of what that swap might cost.


                        Originally posted by Paul229
                        As long as you don't do what this guy did, you're all set.
                        Change the rims, swap out for mud tires, add some diamond plating, pipe bumpers, stacks from the trunk, clearance lights, and then I'd drive it. Any car that high had better at least think it's a truck.

                        TP8728; nice lookin' car mang. How much system weight do you have in the trunk?

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                          MrMarquis, probably between 400-420lbs, my product weights i can look up but im guessing for the wood and fiberglass used, the product is right at 350 so i figured about 75 at most in wood and stuff


                            Amazing....I had one just like it with a full black rag top. IMO, i like it the way it sat before with no fender gap and layin low. Still - what a sick ride!!! There has to be close to or over $10k in stereo equipment in that car! :whoa:

                            I miss my 91 ....


                              I wouldn't go bigger than 18" rims myself, but the rest looks great.
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