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    Shifty! DUW

    these are old pics btw. but for the newbs who want to know, this is shifty. the sidepipes are gone as i eneded up having breathing sleeping problems. that was my fault,lol. and no that is not a ford bumper on there either its off an 89 gm which is visible in one of the pics. still needs a tranny though. i had one and somebody backed into and crushed it,lol

    and if ican get it, a friend might be GIVING me a running 460
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    My suggestion is to lose the sidepipes...

    im sure they sound wicked, but still not a fan of sidepipes on a 4dr...

    Other that that, its a nice ride
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      side-pipes were gone two months before she went off the road,lol, besides i like driving open headers at 3am. the neighbors just love me
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        The painted bezels, the blacked out grill and the smaller rear window are the shit! I like that car
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          Originally posted by p71towny
          The painted bezels, the blacked out grill and the smaller rear window are the shit! I like that car
          thanks. the bezels are actually the same color as the body. when i did that project i was looking for something unique to do as i've seen a complete blackout job, raccoon eyes on the bezels,but nobody had done body-colored bezels and i had not seen a grille like mine either, for the 88-91's anyway
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            Shifty Rocks. :rock:
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              Shifty is my favorite box of yours. You need to flip the tires around so the white walls are not showing. Other then that sweet vic.
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                i really need to get working on this pig again,lol. heres basically what i'm gonna be doing over the course of the next two-three years


                if the material is of a higher quality, get a carpet from a tc
                grey townie cloth seats
                redo my sail panels and that back piece
                get some gauges in there
                custom center console
                rewire the stereo system
                i already put in the pi speedo

                redo the coach roof
                remove the granny trim
                repaint my front bezels(they are actually a lighter blue than they appear)
                lx sport wheels with spacers to fill the wheel wells

                HO conversion-for simplicity's sake and cost
                duals with electric cutouts and terminator mufflers
                98-02 big brakes
                the GMGT handling package

                i've decided on a luxury theme with a tinge of power. think a nice rack of rib with some really spicy sauce

                (edited to add a few things)
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                  "live free or die" i like that

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