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Marauder in the Rain - Autocross Video

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    Marauder in the Rain - Autocross Video

    Thanks Tom for hosting this ...

    Marauder in the Rain
    5 Meg Windows Media Player video. Right click on link above and pick "Save Target As" to download and play.

    I have a buddy at work who is semi-serious into autocross. He has a Mercur XR4TI thats a work in progress and is getting well into the points bracket. He suggested I take the MM out to a meet this spring to see what she'll do. Let me tell you, that was a blast!

    Although I wasn't modding for autocross, she suprised some people - especially me! My buddy's son caught our heats on a camcorder and I pulled it down to a wmv using a Dazzle video capture device.

    I got in three runs around the track. The video is of the second run after it started to rain and then tapered off to sprinkles. The first run didn't come out on video to well, but I actually managed to cut a few seconds off my first time on the dry pavement. All mods done at the time except for the Magnaflows and torque converter.

    The first run I left her in Drive, but the shifting wasn't getting it done. During the second run I just left her in 2nd gear. As you can tell from the video, I didn't go there to beat the hell out of her, I just wanted to take the opportunity to legally and relatively safely open her up and see what she could do in the twisties.

    Best of all I left all cones standing . What do y'all think?
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      you have one beautiful car!!!!

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        Nice vid. I keep telling myself that I will someday take the Vic out to the course simply to say that I have done it.

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