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Hmm, this would be cool for my '88...

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    Hmm, this would be cool for my '88...

    I'd get the realtree/snow pattern, since it's a winter beater. :P

    Shit's expensive tho! DAYYUMM...Plus, I couldn't imagine trying to do that myself...I'd have a pro do it lol.


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    That's some shit now. Wouldn't look good on the TC, but it would conceal good in a martial law situation.
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      while in texas I seen a old custom deluxe with that and he had it outfitted for hunting. it had chairs mounted on the frunt bumper, a treestand built into the truck and a camo trailor behind it! Think he also had the camo netting over the vehicle too. It it's a beater and you are willing to pay that then i'd like to see how this plays out

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        is it all a vinal sticker