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how to professionally clean your engine (56k no)

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    how to professionally clean your engine (56k no)

    I've done this for many years with better results almost everey time.

    engines build up dirt and grease over years. this is worse when you drive in dusty areas frequently.

    I am doing this on my '89 Ford LTD CrownVic as its been sitting for a while, and was never washed since new. thats 17 years, 129K miles of dust, dirt, grease, etc.

    you will be surprised, and almost baffled as to what lies unerneath caked on grease.

    anyway for professional results, you will need the following:

    pressure washer (most local self-serve car washes have one, use it)

    and one or 2 cans of this:

    i STRONGLY reccomend using gunk heavy-duty engine brite. its strong and will break down the toughest grease. dont use the foamy stuff or some cheapo off-brand crap. you wont see the same results.

    depending on how big your engine bay is, and how dirty the engine is, you may need a 2nd can. in my case, i used up one full can, and touched up with a 2nd one. the bare minum, use one entire can if you havent ever washed your engine. the really nasty spots, soak it well.

    also get some clothes that can get soaked and stained, and goggles

    before you even begin:

    make sure you have all connections secured, nothing is loose. if you have a distributor cap, secure it tightly, or cover it in a plastic bag.

    warm up your engine. the heat will help break down the grease faster.

    after about 15 mins, turn off your engine.

    if you have a round air cleaner, block off the opening. if you want to clean the intake, remove it and cover the carbureter opening with a plastic bag & rubber band.

    on multi-port fuel injected cars, just make sure everething is secure, and tight. no openings are present.

    now you can spray down the engine with the cleaner. dont use up the entire thing because you will have to hit some spots later on.

    the gunk cleaner has a directional spray which helps a great deal

    you will see it actually move some of the light grease.

    after spraying, take a break. 5 mins minimum. i usually wait 10-15 mins. this will break down the heavy grease.

    after waiting, spray down again the heavy spots with the cleaner.

    now get some goggles and prepare to get wet. fire up your pressure washer. start spraying down the engine relentessly. go nuts.

    note: if your using a carwash washer, use the "rinse" or "water" settings. do not use additional soap

    get into everey spot possible. you will see the pressure just sweep away all the grease.

    there will be steam rsing if the engine is hot. ignore this

    soak the engine down real well.

    let it dry for about 5 mins.

    after 5 mins, start the engine (remove any plastic coverings) and let the engine run for a while. this will help dry the engine bay frther.

    you should by now see the dramatic change:

    well there you have it.

    if you want some sparkle for show, spray down the plastics with armor-all and let it sit.
    LTD is still here

    oh and Pete, i dont wanna hear your shit that "its not the same"

    some of us fucks dont have the time to really detail evereything. i cant finish my LTD cause of work. its been sitting for 2 months.

    2ndly, its the best thing to do before breaking down an engine and going over evereything with a toothbrush.
    LTD is still here


      It's not the same.
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        go fuck yourself. at least i'm still with my 2 panthers LoL
        LTD is still here


          Mine aren't rusted out.
          1983 Grand Marquis 2Dr Sedan "Mercules"
          Tremec TKO conversion, hydraulic clutch, HURST equipped!


            nor are mine
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              Bondo covers things well then, doesn't it?
              1983 Grand Marquis 2Dr Sedan "Mercules"
              Tremec TKO conversion, hydraulic clutch, HURST equipped!


                bondo wha?
                LTD is still here


                  Looks good Epi. Your tire is also flat on one side

                  I usually don't use the Gunk because it smells like kerosene, and I hate that smell. Usually I use purple power with pretty decent results, and no kero smell. Definitely use the pressure washer and the warm engine bit. It just doesn't work otherwise.
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                  Originally posted by phayzer5
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                    Looks good. How come you didn't cover you distributor or alt? I did that all the time when I washed my 350 in my old pickup. I wish it was that easy to wash my mod motor but I give it a sponge bath or it will miss until it dries, I need to put some dielectric grease on my plug boots. But for maintence a sponge a soapy water works great.
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                      because only pansies do that.

                      i've been doing it for too long. just dont overspray the alt or distributor and you'll be ok. i've NEVER fried an alt before.
                      LTD is still here


                        That looks really good :banana: Last time I washed my engine it fucked the MAP up, likely it was already on its way out though. I'm alittle nervous to do it again, but I'm going to. Gotta get some of the Gunk degreaser.


                          Im too skurred to use a pressure washer... when I did my engine I just stripped it down to here and did some soak-scrub-light rinse action. Its nice and dirty again - I plan to try a steam cleaner next.

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                            That's a nice write-up.

                            For what it's worth, here's mine.
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                              You really shouldn't get water in your alt.
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