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Door hinges 2 door 4 door

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    Door hinges 2 door 4 door

    Can you use door hinges from 88/89
    On a 79 two door?

    Yes. They will limit the open travel of the door a few degrees, but that's about it. I used an 88 hinge on the 82 Lincoln Mark VI tudor I had and it used the same hinges as the 79 cars did.

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    Originally posted by gadget73
    ... and it should all work like magic and unicorns and stuff.

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    Overhead, some poor bastards are flying in airplanes.


      I still have an NOS bottom passenger side hinge for a 4 door if needed. WagonMan
      89 Colony Park
      90 Colony Park
      70 HEMI Daytona Convertible


        Ok thanks

        Itís for drivers side