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    Floor mats (long)

    Dear Fellow Whalers,
    Five years ago I bought my 1989 Colony Park because (a) it was cheap and (b) I needed a reliable vehicle to transport myself and three or four crated dogs to sheepdog trials. I put 20-25k a year on the ďBoulevard CruiserĒ. Some of the trips are only three or four hours, many are fourteen and occasionally a codriver and myself go 24 hours on the road, stopping only for gas.

    Thereís some very nice things about the Cruiser. Itís as big as anything on the road and roomier than most. Itíll cruise all day at 5mph over the limit, whatever the limit. It gets 21-23 mpg on the Interstate.

    Thereís some bad things too. None of the rubber was intended to last fifteen years and some wiring was flatout inadequate. Scott winced when he saw the rubber in my engine compartment. The original alternatorís a fire hazard and - without modifications (even with the modifactions Iíve made (tires, sway bar, shocks, police toe in and camber) the Cruiser handles like a boat.

    But partly rebuilt it is as good for what I need as a Volvo V90, Mercedes wagon, Excursion or Suburban (and itíll carry more dogs than the Volvo or Merc). The Cruiser cost me $2500 - less than tenth of the competition and I expect Iíve spent -total - $6000 rebuilding and repainting it. Which still comes in at about a third of a comparably equipped Suburban. (Of course at resale, the Suburban buyer can get some of his money back. When I sell the cruiser itíll go for $500 to fruitpickers or the demoliton derby.)

    Youíve probably done overnight road trips with codrivers so I donít need to tell you its halucinagenic: endless road, endless headlights, bad coffee, droning motor, center line, swinging from groginess to sudden alert.

    At night when Iím in the passenger seat, the Cruiser reminds me of the few first class overnight flights Iíve taken to Europe and Australia. Big tilt back seat, pillow, snacks in the cooler, Blauplunkt playing MP-3ís, the GPS progress line glowing on the dash. Radar detector on. The only thing missing is the stewardess with free booze. And next gas stop I get to fly this big plane.

    This is a long away around to say Iíve found something to improve that experience. Lloyd floor mats are bigger then the originals and deeper than the originals. Iím off to Texas tomorrow night. When Iím not driving, Iíll kick off my shoes before I snooze.
    Donald McCaig

    get a 96 caprice wagon


      Lloyd floor mats are bigger then the originals and deeper than the originals. I’m off to Texas tomorrow night. When I’m not driving, I’ll kick off my shoes before I snooze.
      Must be some nice floormats. LOL!
      Owner of the only known 5 speed box wagon with a lift kit.
      AKA, Herkimer the Hillbilly SUV.

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        Good to hear!

        Yeah scott will make your nice box even nicer
        1983 Grand Marquis 2Dr Sedan "Mercules"
        Tremec TKO conversion, hydraulic clutch, HURST equipped!