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    I had a friend in high school who wrecked when his popped on him. He said one minute he is flying down this narrow little country road, (barely, one lane)having a blast, then there is a pop sound. The next instant the car is full of steam and the windshield fogs up in a matter of seconds.

    He got slowed down, a bit, and managed not to hit any trees, but he slammed his right front fender and wheel into a monster of a rock. It struck forcefully enough to break the ball joint and twist up the lower A arm like a pretzel.

    He didn't get hurt or anything, but it shook him up pretty good. He later told us he had been smelling coolant for a few days, but thought it was comeing from somewhere under the hood.

    BTW, it wasn't a box body. I want so say it was a late 70's full size ford, but I really don't remember.
    Owner of the only known 5 speed box wagon with a lift kit.
    AKA, Herkimer the Hillbilly SUV.

    Axle codes
    Open/Lock/Ratio #
    G / H / 2.26
    B / C / 2.47
    8 / M / 2.73
    7 / - / 3.07
    Y / Z / 3.08
    4 / D / 3.42
    F / R / 3.45
    5 / E / 3.27
    6 / W / 3.73
    2 / K / 3.55
    A / - / 3.63
    J / - / 3.85