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{FUEL/EXHAUST}Fuel Evap Emission Control System:

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    {FUEL/EXHAUST}Fuel Evap Emission Control System:

    I was just looking my engine bay over and discovered that the solenoid was disconnected. I plugged it back in, but is there a reason that it may have been un-plugged? I mean, someone would have had to intentionally remove it. Any damage to leave it unplugged? As a related (or un-related) note, I am still unable to locate my PCV valve. I know that it is on top/under the intake, but I just cannot get my bigassed hand through to it. Is there a hose coming off the top of it that I can use as a reference for its' location? Sounds stupid I know. Thanks :coocoo:

    on my 91 5.0, the PCV is on the back side of the intake, way back there, towards the driver side, with a 5/8"(?) hose connected to the top. you cant see the thing, and barely feel it. its a bitch. good luck.

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      Lay on top of the intake and look straight down. Thats the best way I've found to locate it.

      And which solenoid was disconnected? There are several of them.
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        the solenoid is on the fuel vapor return line right before the carbon canister.


          your talkin about the purge solinoid!

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