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Thread: Scored an original spare!

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    Default Scored an original spare!

    I was bored and went on Craigslist and spotted an original spare for a 90 Grand Marquis. I needed a spare for my 89 Colony Park. Never used. Like new condition. 215-70-15 Firestone FR480 I would never use it for every day driving, being over 30 years old, but as a spare,
    it works for me. Best part it was local and only $25! WagonMan
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    Nice. I had one just like it in my car. I had no use for it (tire sizes changed and all) and was more interested in having the mini spare. Gave it to Scottmang ages ago. Looked just like yours nice and new. I or my father may have used it collectively a handful of times.

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    I stole Ashley's original, unused spare from her '89 after I had to put mine to work one year. I've since removed it. Found another nice turbine and then had five new tires put on. So if I ever have to use the spare again, no one will know. Spare will go with the car if I sell it.
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    Awsome find.

    Still have a OEM full size spare and cover in the Merc robbed from a wrecked '01 CV (in 2002), and a new new touched pavement OEM 2001 mini or doughnut spare with cover.

    But '90?
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    spare for mine is some used 16" H rated tire on an LSC wheel. I seem to remember it being a Mr Haney special. Scott will know who I'm talking about. 16" tires required for the brake swap, so why not have a matching wheel as the spare? Only trick is no center cap so the retainer hardware fits.

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    fomoco panthers !
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    Great find. The rim alone in mint shape is well worth the price.

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    Talk about a time capsule! Looks like it never hit the ground. Like Gadget, I too keep a full size, and a doughnut in the Lincoln. I do a lot of out of state driving, and would rather have the full size, as some high way exits are miles apart.

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    Possible additional evidence of my theory of the spare having the nubs for the wheel covers.

    My 88 has its original spare. Some full size 14” temporary job with the word “spare” as the tread pattern. I put it in storage years ago for a real tire and have used said real tire several times.
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    had a couple new old stock spares. they ended up on my sons truck iirc.

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