So, I thought it would be a fun evening project to do a 130 amp 3g swap on my 87 MGM, I was wrong. I have it wired up as is described in all the places I can find, "self sensing" and not using the original charge wires. What can I remove from the starter solenoid?

My car will now crank but not start, acts the exact same way if I hook up the old charge cables and before I made it "self sensing" by looping the yellow wire over to the output from the alternator. I would say it's the solenoid, but it wouldn't crank, or would continuously crank if it was bad. No act correctly.

I will say that it is cranking very slow which is likely the whole issue. Even with the same battery, that I had been using to daily drive the car, fully charged and with the battery charger hooked up to it on "engine start" which is a 100 amp boost in this case.

Why is this? It does appear someone has moved the battery ground wire from it's original position, which I would like to fix, but need to know how it was routed before to do so.