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Thread: Starter Solenoids

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    Default Starter Solenoids

    I know this has been covered before but I couldnt find a definitive answer... I did a bunch of research online and couldnt find anything either.

    I got a brand new HD solenoid that easily sticks (have to hit it to get it to stop). Should I be looking at glow plug relays, or a made in china motorcraft one like SW7663. I just want to buy something quality that will last...not so worried about the price. I put the old one back on for now but its 40 years old.



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    The only real issue with the glow plug one is the lack of a flyback diode just in case anything funky happened. Given you're running a carbureted 351, that really might not be an issue if you're no longer using a feedback carburetor where more sensitive electronics might have been. One in theory could add a diode in-line to keep things okay, but I'd say give the the Motorcraft one a swing or see if you can get a NOS one.

    I've seen plenty of the fender mounted type solenoid come back through my workplace under warranty, usually getting fused stuck in the way you describe. It's considerably more common though in the cheaper ones, than say a Standard brand type which I see considerably less come back on. I'm not sure who's presently manufacturing the Motorcraft units though.

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    Not sure the glow plug relays will survive the current load of a starter. They're meant for constant duty at lower amps. Flyback diode is easy enough to fit externally if thats a concern.

    I kinda need one too, the one on my Towncar works when it feels like it. Doesn't stick (yet) but sometimes it just doesn't crank. Whack the thing and it goes. No idea what it is, I know I got it at some parts store but when and where, NFC at this point.

    one possibility, if you swap to the later style starter the relay does so little that you can use damn near anything. The solenoid lives on the starter, the relay only handles the current to pull it. The ones on the Conti and both of my 200k+ Mark VII's are original, they all use that style starter.

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    In my opinion, Motorcraft is the best. NOS if possible. IF you get aftermarket buy the upper end of the brand, not the economy end.

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    Yes even Standard has a high and low line. I have always been happy with the high line.
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    Starting to really like Standard products myself, haven't been let down by them yet.
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