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Thread: 5" Speakers in Dash

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    Default 5" Speakers in Dash

    Has anyone used something like these: https://www.amazon.com/Speaker-Space...omotive&sr=1-6

    To fit 5" speakers in the dash? The holes are a weird size (4.25"), which is too large for 4" speakers (which i have and adapted to make fit), and too small for 5.25" speakers which require a 4.5" hole...so close.

    Just wondering if it will work

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    Not sure about the spacer things, but this does remind me of the speakers that were in the '87 CV when dad bought it. 6 or 6.5 inch speakers in the dash...
    Whoever installed them cut large enough holes in the dash pad and they were mounted on top of the dash pad with covers on them that came with the speakers.

    I really missed having dash speakers when I got my first '91. I could hear the missing sound up high since the only speakers for '90-'91 are way down low in the doors like pre-90 boxes with door speakers. The whale is a bit better since the speakers are moved up higher in the door.
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    I had put a small set of speakers in the old box dash. Used condensers as crossovers to make them tweeters and it worked great bouncing those highs off the windshield, it was the best. That left the low/mid coming from two way speakers in the doors. Got them at crutchfields. Unless things have changed they really do have excellent customer service/tech staff. Picked up decent rear speakers at the same rime.
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    There used to be metal adapter plates that bolted into the stock hole and gave you an opening for a 3.5". I have a set in my car, but I don't know if those are available anymore. I think they came with speakers I bought from Crutchfield now that I think about it.

    If they don't exist its not exactly a complex part to make. If you have a junk stock speaker that will give you a pattern for the outside and new speakers come with templates for the inside hole. Could make them out of sheet metal without much fuss.

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    I used 4 inch speaker adapters that were metal and then plastic on the Mark VI and the 88 MGM. Crutchfield no longer carries those.

    That said... these adapters for BMW 3/5 series front speakers may fit the bill: https://www.amazon.com/Exact-Speaker...dp/B01M755KAD/

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