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Most of this information will be remote links, copied text and linked images for now - please excuse the crude page format)

Below you will find a parts list,  harvesting tips, partial instructions, links to discussions/instructions on the swap, and pictures of parts needed and of the finished product

Parts list:

(list courtesy of Gadget)

lower control arm: original, or any 79-2002
lower ball joint: 96-02
spindle: 96-02
hub bearing: 98-02
caliper bracket: 98-02
caliper: 98-02
rotor: 98-02
brake hose: 98-02 with ABS
upper ball joint: your option, 2 different types from 92-95, and another from 96-02. They both work.
upper control arm: easiest, 92-95.

Parts list from Lincolnmaina:

96-02 spindles
98-02 hub bearings
96-02 lower ball joints
92-94 upper control arms
92-94 upper ball joints
i leave 95 out if it cause that was the changeover yr..... some 95's will have the spindle you need..... midyear they changed the suspension
98-02 caliper brackets
98-02 calipers
98-02 rotors
98-02 brake hoses
es bushing kit get for the 92-97 cars yes the listing is incorrect...... there's 2 sets police and non police it really doesn't matter which upper arms u get just be sure to get the kit for the right application..... don't waste your time with new rubber bushings...... i did a bunch of mine and gadgets bushings in 04/05 and they are shot...... it's 68 bucks iirc for the energy suspension kit....... 8 replacement rubber bushings for the front end is over 100 bucks

small but important:
standard to metric brake line adapters (the newer brake hoses are a metric thread) 3/16" size I believe
NEW self-locking nuts ( 5/8" - 18) for the upper control arms, unless you want to re-tigten them regularly
16" WHEELS OR LARGER are need to clear these brakes.

Harvesting Tips:

From the donor car you get the upper control arm from, the arm is the only thing you need, and no ball joint (the ball joint part of the ball joint assembly) separation is necessary.  Unbolt the upper arm from the frame, un-do the nuts holding the upper ball joint to the upper arm (support the lower arm so it does not suddenly drop) and carry off your upper arm.  Save the nuts and the upper ball joint adjustment things (the larger "nuts" under the ones you just removed)

Links to threads containing big brake install details:

Big Brake discussion 1

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Big Brake discussion 3

Misc. info:

Either type of tie rods may be used, just be sure that all 4 and the sleeves match in application, since they switched to metric threads around 96...

Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings are available - outer sleeves must be re-used with the kit - civilian cars use:
Energy Suspension 4.3150
link to bushing kits in the Energy Suspension online store

link to other misc. front spring & shock info

burning out the bushings




(this pic shows an aftermarket brake hose installed)