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Official Panther of the Month Rules

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    Official Panther of the Month Rules

    New set of rules for PotM in effect immediately...

    Rules Updated 9-16-10

    Panther of the Month (PotM) is a purely for the enjoyment of the members and visitors. Once a month the members of will select, through a voting procedure, a fellow member of GMN to have two images displayed in the forum banner for the entire month.


    Stage 1: 2 Week period during which GMN members nominate contestants in the official nomination thread for the upcoming month. Each member is allowed only ONE (1) nomination.The FIRST FIVE (5) ELIGIBLE nominated cars will be entered into the final poll. Nominating yourself will not count. Those nominated will be reminded by PM to include at least 2 pictures and a video (if they wish) in the official PoTM poll thread. Those who do not comply will be ineligible to win PoTM.

    Nomination procedure Revision: (Updated 9-16-10)
    Only NOMINATIONS are allowed in the official nomination thread. From now on, any post other than a nomination will be deleted with no warning. Please state the persons user name you are nominating, and which car you are nominating. If the nomination does not include the user name (properly spelled) and the car that is being nominated, the nomination will not be included. Quoting another members nomination will not count.

    Final Poll:(UPDATED 9-16-10) The remainder of the month (roughly two weeks) will be the voting period to determine the upcoming months winner. The poll will be posted at the top of the OTB section. If there is a tie in the final poll, the winner will be the car that was nominated first.

    Only those in the poll may post pictures and video. Only pictures and video may be posted. If a post is made by someone other than those in the poll, the post will be deleted with no warning. Please also include a link to information about your car (readers ride page, cardomain, supermotors, etc.) to show potential voters what your car is all about (This is not required but advised). If you do not have a link to a separate info page, your member page will be used instead if you win PoTM.


    1) You must post here on GMN, that means a minimum post count of one (1).

    2) You must be able to submit at least 2 images with a minimum size of 250X160 resolution, but preferably larger, by the end of the voting period. You may also post a video of your car if you wish. The video MUST be in relation to your car.

    3) Your car can not have been a PotM winner for at least two years prior; however, the same member can win within two years for different cars.

    4) Your car must be in running condition.

    Recommendations. (Revised 9-16-10)

    It is recommended (but not required) that you have some location with a collection of images on said car (can be small 5 or 6 pics what ever, just would be nice to have something more on your car for people to look at). If you do not submit an appropriate link the default link will be to your GMN profile. You may post a video of your car in addition to the two pictures required for the banner.

    Additional Rules. (Revised 9-16-10)

    1) Any form of cheating will not be tolerated and will result in permanent disqualification.

    2) No fishing for votes; asking other members to vote for your car, or "campaigning" other than posting pictures, describing the work done to your car, etc. If your car is deserving of PotM, it will do the work for you. Breaking this rule will result in a 6 month disqualification from PotM for a first offense.

    3) Any pornographic material or any material other than what has been specified and violates the forum/PoTM rules will result in immediate banning/suspension of account.
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    Rule updates. Read them, or I'll kill you all.
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