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Thread: Wheel specs

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    Will wheels from a 2004 BMW 3 series fit a 87 Mark 7 or and 85 Colony Park? Offset wise?

    Found a great deal on 4 tires and wheels, 19 inch, with like new tires

    Update: Nope
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    Quote Originally Posted by 85MercPark View Post
    no longer there

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    Latest tires I am using on my boxes 265 50 15 front and 295 50 15 rear Hankook. Very close to the BFG 275 50 15s used to use on the front that were discounted. Wheels purchased for the wagon 8 x 15 4" offset Crager. Rear are 10 x 15 5" offset vintage wheels. Going to install OEM hub caps before long
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    Just found this site the other day:
    I'm starting to poke around that site a bit, and it looks like there is some good info on there.

    Also one of my favorite wheel and tire size comparison sites:

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    I might pick up some AR outlaw ll wheels. 15x8 if the will work.
    No idea what backspacing.
    Would a 235 75 15 fit in the front without contacting the uca?
    Or would s 215 70 15?
    Anybody know what the max size on american racing 15x8 would fit in the front?
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    The inside will be fine. The ARís in 15x8 list a 3.75 backspace. Iíve run a 4.125Ē, it was close but never rubbed.

    The stock steel wheel is a 15x6 with 0.45 offset, which means youíll have roughly 2.5Ē of rim outside of the hub mount. The ARís in 15x8 with -0.75 offset which puts you at 4.75Ē outside the hub mounting surface. You can figure that might be a problem... I really donít know for sure, and it does depend on tire size. Take a look at your stock set up and turn the wheels to check your tire to fender clearance in several different positions and check for at least two inches of extra clearance. I would hazard guess youíd need a short tire to make that work. The 15x7 version cuts an inch off the outside which would help.
    A 235/70r15 fits a stock rim in the front without issues. Not sure about taller.
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