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Thread: My 86 Merc

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    Yeah, I get it. Doesn't have to be a '70 'Cuda or anything to pique my interest. I've been into quirky cars since before it was a thing. Unfortunately, even those cars are going up in value now. For example, I never thought '87-'97 OBS Ford trucks would be worth anything yet they are.
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    Even if you were going for a low rider setup, at the end of the day it's your car so if I like it or not doesn't matter.
    I run wagon cargo coils and Gabriel HiJackers on the rear of my '91 MGM GS, The Ice Car, and I love the setup. I also have a ton-o junk in the trunk so I kind of need that setup. It's not a setup for everyone as everyone has their own needs and preferences.

    The car looks great, and sounds like you have some fun plans.

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