Got back into panther ownership almost a year ago with buying a nearly rust free $900 Marquis . Sold my much newer better handling CTS as it was having driveshaft issues and now the Marquis is my workhorse.

This is my sixth panther and my first Mercury.

A lot of work has been done:

The original seats in a CV/GM leave a lot to be desired when they original let alone after 21 years of use. The driver seat was total garbage so I happened on a 96 Town Car Signature with seats in good condition and having had a 95 Signature previously I knew those seats well and they are 1000% more comfortable.



They were in great shape given everything else I encountered at well over 10 yards I searched. And got a great price on front and rear, $190. And a added bonus is that both sides now have lumbar and they both hold air, the original marq pass side seat didn't have it and the drivers side wouldn't hold air.

Then I found a 99 GM that had a decent interior and near perfect headliner which was better then the original which endured who know how many years in Florida and was falling down and giving foam showers when ever it was touched:

The 99:

Into the 97:

Having blue seats, blue headliner and blue interior trim looked a bit odd against the gray door panels so began the search for GM denim blue door panels . The door panels were the hardest part to procure as most were destroyed or manhandled improperly. Had to source the panels from three different cars in three different junkyards, both rears from a 98 GS, a drivers from a 01 LS & a pass side front from a 02 GS.

All panels finally installed:

Decided to keep the original gray pull handles, f&r dome lights and seat belt adjuster to match the carpet and Mark VIII Collector edition headrests.

Installed a pretty terrible radio, Power Acoustik PD-348B the remote stopped working so its functionality is limited and the AM radio reception is piss poor. And it frequently crashes when playing from the SD card. The bluetooth however works great but you have to manually connect it every time you restart the car. Gonna get one of those cheaper android hu and hope for the best.

New stereo, took a chance on one of those android units. It running android 8. Other then a few quirks its way better then the stereo I had previously and the radio reception is better then the factory or last stereo.

Stopping power has been upgraded. Feels good especially since I replaced all of the steering components, car drives better then my last panther.

The list of various junkyard parts that are now in the Marq:

  • Pin wiper arms from a 04 Grand Marquis LS

  • Cupholder/Power port from a 2003 Grand Marquis GS

  • Gentex Homelink Mirror with Compass from a 2005 Mazda 3

  • Headliner push pins from a 2000 Buick Century Custom

  • Rear view mirror wiring shroud from a 2003 Chevy Suburban LS

  • Heated driver side mirror from a 2002 Grand Marquis LS

  • Hitachi MAF from a 1997 Town Car Cartier

  • Dual sun visors from 2001 Grand Marquis LS

  • Upper B pillar trim from a 1995 Crown Victoria

  • Headrests from a 1998 Mark VIII CE

  • Front & Rear seats from a 1996 Town Car Signtature

  • 00+ Front Grand Marquis door panels

  • Rear door panels from a 98 Marquis

  • Headliner from a 99 Marquis

  • Instrument cluster from a 1997 Town Car

Rear ended someone this past August, wasn't paying attention and traffic on the highway came to a complete stop.

Sucks but at the time there was a 97 LS same color as mine in the JY .Took the header and bumper off of it. Bumper on the JY Marq was in better shape then my bumper pre accident:

Fender on the JY 97 was fubar'd way to much rot. Looked around found a guy parting out a 02 LSE and got it for $40 with very little rust, had it repaired and spot blended and recleared:

Fixed for now until I get a chance to put new fender on:

Current plans are to install the 97 TC steering column I got off CL, figure out the wiring for the redundant controls and reinstall the air suspension. Already painted the steering wheel and air bag: