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Thread: 'Sherrie' my 86 Oxford White CV Coupe

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    fomoco panthers !
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    Here are a couple of pictures of the 96. The length is 7 1/4 inches from the steering wheel cover. I was looking for the nos shift lever. Could not find it yet. Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	53145Click image for larger version. 

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    In clutch47's case I think the other end and whatever it attaches to inside the column is more important. Not sure when the next time I'll make it to the JY, but I wouldn't mind comparing a pre-'90 box to something with that later shifter. Having something like that to do at the JY keeps me from buying crap I don't need/can't afford. Here in Detroit it's actually not hard to find such things in our JY, it's finding time to go that's the problem for me.

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    I'm hoping the local guy has an early box on the yard. He doesn't let anybody touch the cars. You ride out with him in his garbage scow...show him what you want...and he'll tell you when to come get it. All of his vehicles are nice but stay sealed up. nothing left open or windows down.
    I'll try to get one of each and put up some pictures..
    If memory serves me right, the two styles function completely differently.
    So I'm thinking if I take my inner end...and the later outer end...weld both to a stout piece of DOM tubing.... VIOLA.
    All FORD All The Time

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