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Thread: Looking for part for a whale?

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    Default Looking for part for a whale?

    For the week that I owned my 04 Merc Marauder. It did have some modifications on it. One I am looking for to put on my 2000 CV. Don't really know what is is called but it is a defuser type piece that in part attaches to the rear bumper. It seems to keep the rear bumper from catching air.

    Anybody know or have seen this part? And where I can get one.


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    Sounds like you mean a rear-air deflector, or underbody air deflector of some sort. I dunno the part number or if a salvage piece could be mounted on a Whale. Good luck.
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    Pro-guard made them. "Rear Plastic Skid Plate". Unknown if they are still available. They were designed for the Crown Vic Police cars.

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    Since you say preventing the rear bumper from catching air, do bumper a tuck. Just cost you a bit of time and a few tywraps.

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    I'm aware of a stock splash shield for the front of aeros that will apparently fit on whales. It took me awhile to remember learning about an aftermarket one for the rear. When the name Reinhart came up, that rang a bell. As I recall, it had thin strips on the front end that go under the evap tray fasteners. Some years ago, I made something out of vinyl siding for my 2000 MGM:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    (click to enlarge)

    I vaguely recall using a long piece of cardboard to get the curve relatively close and going from there, leaving the straight/front side to the end to get the final fit. I'm figuring I can take it off and use it as a template if I ever do another one. Dunno if it's an aerodynamic improvement over the bumper tuck, but it should also serve as a splash shield for my rusty bumper.
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    Progard rear skid plate? Looks like this except this is.

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