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Congrats on finally finding your unicorn! I didn't realize these were not ZF6 trucks.

Nice that you got the 4.30s.

I have a friend with an '03 F-350 DRW 4WD with 650K miles on it. The original engine started to use a lot of oil around 610K. If you take care of it (no doubt you will), it will take care of you!
Thanks! I wanted the extra gear but the five do okay. Compromise but couldn’t pass it up since the rest of the truck was “the one”. I think 2002 was when they went to six for the gas trucks.

I love this thing. I really do. Put new heater core in tonight. Took about 90 minutes with me not knowing what was doing. Through the glove box.

Got to get a bigger garage. This doesn’t need to sit outside.

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