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Thread: Radiator Fan | Smoke and Burnt Smell | 1998 MGM GS

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    My *deepest* thanks! I'm just getting focused here as per the pain medications and my swollen hands and terrible back. It *never* occured to me that this connector and subsequent access port hole was a 'push-in' variety until I just read your post and examined the new fan in my apartment here. Geez, just one thing like that is so critical in lost time and frustration alone. I'm going to use a technique of slowing everything waaaaaaaaaaay down as in 'serious slow-motion' today as per the hot weather and sun exposure + my sore body. I did this once before the wild arthritis hit, out of nowhere, on my old 85' Dodge Diplomat and it's water pump. It's normally a totally hellish job, and I mean total hell with all power belts and brackets needing to be removed et more. Took 8 hours this way but I landed up feeling wonderful at the completion as per the total amount of energy spent. If all goes to hell, I can just disconnect that plug and move my car, or so I keep telling myself, as it's so simple. I have to think this through as we have this 2 day dance every month and I just hit it at the wrong time.

    Now talk about added stress. My 1st younger brother ( the teacher in private schools ) across the Bay here, after breaking his neck at C-3 and C-4 and a 1.5 year recovery after several surgeries, went hiking ( not climbing ) up on this 4k mountain yesterday, slipped and fell in a 360 loop and fractured his lumbar spine after sliding some 30 feet. He's in super pain and brace ( no surgery required this time around ) and is being transferred to another hospital's ICU to look after him. This is very sobering or should be to all. Maybe *now* he will learn his lesson? Also maybe in time I will learn mine??!! Anyhow, off to look at that connector and see if I can move my car _first_ before the 'fuss and the feathers' fun and torment begin

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    The short story: After all of the f'ing struggle in the heat and dust, I went over to locate a neighbor to help me drop this VDO cooling fan in. We were just about to drop it in when both of us noticed that the lower side right bracket was malformed at the factory and had a full break around the entire damn thing. After much thought and discussion, I opted to abort the re-assembly and go through the BS of replacement and more trips to the store miles away with no car. So until I obtain another this project is on hold.

    Now the good news: I disconnected the connector and started my car and was easily able to move it to the other side of the street for our sweep zone tomorrow. I'm heartbroken, sore all over, and low on pain meds, but this is really an easy job. Having said that 'defective' new parts send me directly to hell. It also ironically happens with new high priced RAM chips in computers to heart valves and hip replacement sockets etc.

    Maybe tomorrow will be a better day. Damn *&*%$#@@$!

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    If it wasn't smoking like crazy with the fan disconnected, I think it's safe to say the new fan is the right decision since it smoked right away while connectoed.

    Broken/defective new parts are a pain. Speaking of RAM, I've had that scenario happen. The first PC I built 17 or 18 years ago, I wanted to add more RAM shortly after the build only to find my PC crashing which it didn't do before that upgrade. Ran one stick at a time to figure it out. This also introduced me to memtest86 and a neat Linux kernel option that allowed me to use that RAM stick in Linux and block the bad parts. Neat but useless for Windows.

    Got a bit tied up after work then forgot to check the connector on that fan (even though I was working on the car after dinner). Glad you got that connector figured out.

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    I watched an Audi burn up because of one of those fans. It didn't take long for it to spread. The lesson is to disconnect and replace those right away at the first sign of odd noise, odor or smoking.

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    Well, this is turning into a project that will just have to run its course. Yes, to defective RAM chips. In windows you just boot to the BIOS and you can find the problem there and the rest is pulling one chip out testing it that way until 'bingo' you locate the DOA chip. Also an acknowledgement to the burning Audi I'm always listening for squeaks and the general feel of the car for anything unusual. Just changing the oil makes my car virtually lift off the ground from any stop sign and I am a very gentle driver, so despite the smoke and ash on my car from our months of smoke and fires out here, I can easily move my car tomorrow afternoon to avoid any 'Sweep Zone' tickets.

    I did attempt to reorder this fan assembly with a $10 USD off discount code earlier this evening Pacific Time, only to discover that I was -- now get ready for this -- 1 cent or a penny off of the required amount for said discount. Talk about computers being computers I'm going to return and see if I can buy something additional like dielectric grease and see if that will push it over the 1 cent requirement to $115 USD. However this fan will be returned in person later in this drama. Best I rest as my back is killing me and tells me to stop, rest and heal.

    The one powerful thing I myself am learning is simply to ask for help from neighbors. Very difficult for many of us men.

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