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Thread: Fuel issues.

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    Default Fuel issues.

    Made the move to buy 98 mercury gs at an estate auction the other day it has been in a minor wreck but it is otherwise clean although it doesn't start. There is spark, and compression, but no fuel, I depressed the schrader valve and there is absolutely no pressure. The fuel pump fuse is good, the relay is good, and the inertia switch is depressed. It will run on starting fluid as well. I have a pretty good idea its the fuel pump but idk if there is any other component on these cars that I'm not aware of before I go headfirst into a new fuel pump. If there is any insight one could give me it would be appreciated.

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    Check the inertia switch inside the trunk. Driver side on the side panel. Sometimes a little hidden but there is a small circular hole in the trunk lining. Look inside, there is a red/orange button. Push the button. Then restart. It is very possible that the fuel supply was cut off when the accident occurred or if it hit a hard bump.
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    OP did mention checking the inertia switch already, but give it a good whack and see if it will trip. If it will trip, reset it and see if the car will start. If it still will not start, I would then verify voltage at the fuel pump connector at the tank and go from there. If that connector isn't corroded and voltage looks good, that's when I'd be confident I'm not wasting money on a new pump.
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    In addition to what they said, give the tank a swift kick/whack and cycle the key. If the pump is going usually thatíll be enough to get it going again, at least temporarily.

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