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Thread: Noob Looking for Car Buying Tips

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    There is a round rubber plug on the bell housing. If you pull the plug and shine a strong light up there, You will know if it is a rear main seal leaking. Agree with it being a bad expensive leak. Agree also with fixing rust. Even with cutting out the rusted area and putting in new metal, It seems like the repair doesn't last but a few years if that. The brine that use on the roads eats everything quick.

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    $5K is absurd for that car. On the high end I would expect to pay 2000-2500; he is out to lunch. Honestly the body rust is enough to turn me off. I purchased a pristine (and I mean pristine) '06 with 76K on it for $4800, from a used car dealership.

    They are great cars, but you can find a much better example for your money.
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