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Thread: Front Cigarette Lighter Socket Removal

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    Default Front Cigarette Lighter Socket Removal

    My 12v socket is pretty crusty inside and not giving good contact to anything I plug in so I am looking to replace it. But I can't figure out how it unscrews. Is it the type that needs to have the inside turned with a special tool/screwdriver? Or does the outer part (with the spade connector ground) need to be removed off the back?

    Also, good brands for a replacement?


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    I have changed one on one of my Lincolns. I took the ashtray out and it unscrews from the back. As far as brand, I believe there is only a generic one which was about 13 bux Canadian...

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    Is this in a crown vic or grand marquis 89 and down ash try?

    Its either a "stick your thumb inside the socket and use other hand to twist the back off" or just pressed into the ring is sits on. If you snap a picture of it removed (assuming its the one in the astray) I can say how to remove it from the ash tray.

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    If itís like the ashtray in my Mark VI the inside just unscrews and then it comes apart. I had to destroy my old one to get it apart because it was so corroded.

    I just grabbed a brand new one complete with lighter and lightbulb from the auto parts store for like $8.

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