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Thread: Vent window handle loose

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    Default Vent window handle loose

    How does the vent window handle come off? Mine is lose and I would like to tighten it.

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    Based on the general motors truck, there is a roll pin that retains the handle. Gotta drive that out some, then the handle will pull free in some position; make note of the position the handle comes off as you can install them out of "sync", also mark the outside stud position when the the handle is in the correct locked position, otherwise same thing, it won't lock in the correct spot.

    When you pull the handle there is a spring and ball bearing (in the generals anyway) in the stud, get ready for them to fall/fly out. And there will be a wave and flat washer. Just note the order they are in. If you look down the center of the stud you'll see a screw head, tighten that up snug so the stud is oriented properly, don't over do it cause you'll crack the glass.

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