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Newby from Berryville VA

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    Newby from Berryville VA

    I'm from Berryville, VA with a 2005 Merc GM. Prior panthers include 88 Crown Vic 2 dr, 96 Crown Vic 4 dr, 02 Merc GM, 10 Merc GM. I bought my current 2005 MGM from the estate of a 95 year old woman (original owner w/husband) in 2021 with 63K miles - pristine other than some door rubs on pillars in apartment garage and bumber dings. Tires with good tread but 2009/2020 dates replaced immediately, as were brake pads, front rotors and change of all fluids. I disconneted the rear air bags and replaced them with coils and new shocks - compressor retained in case some day I want to return to air bags. I do all this work myself although I'm a senior citizen.

    I have all the repair records including those merchants who took advantage of a senior citizen to perform "Wallet Flush". Best example is coming in with a fluid leak (60K) and merchant replacing radiator and all hoses where most likely only a hose leak -disgusting practice, beware.

    It has all the bells and whistles including dual power seats and sun roof. No rust - garaged its entire life. I plan to keep it original and repair the body dings and find a paint restorer for the rubs. Several things needing some fixing - sticky passenger sticky seat belt retractor, too stiff steering (after fluid change), low brake pedal (after new pads and fluid change). Could also use a new driver's seat bun, I've done this to a Tahoe but haven't found a supplier at a reasonable price.

    Welcome. Also from VA here but more in the central region. I think you may actually be closer to some of our northern state members than me. Sounds like you found a cream puff, good luck with your projects on it.
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      Welcome - from one "Senior" to another! The sticking seat belt is probably just dirt and a good cleaning of the belt may sort that out. The other stuff will need further investigation and repair. Best of luck with the car (I do most of the repairs myself so I know how it is!).
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        Welcome to the forum.

        There were no two doors made in 1988. Many have swapped front ends (rears too but much more involved) to make an 87 (last year of the two door) look like an 88.

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        Originally posted by ootdega
        My life is a long series of "nevermind" and "I guess not."

        Originally posted by DerekTheGreat
        But, that's just coming from me, this site's biggest pessimist. Best of luck

        Originally posted by gadget73
        my car starts and it has AC. Yours doesn't start and it has no AC. Seems obvious to me.



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            Senior citizen? No worries, even those of us here who are nowhere near qualifying as a senior citizen are old souls at heart. I, like many on here, got into these cars because they are simple to do all the work yourself and easy on the wallet to do so.

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