Good evening:

Some further organizational updates:
As you may have noticed, RockAuto stopped posting promotional content and discount codes on our forum. I think we had mostly assumed this was related to our technical issues prior to the software upgrade, but after speaking with RockAuto staff in the last couple days, they coincidentally discontinued providing that service at the same time. Therefore,
  • RockAuto will not be resuming posting
  • As RockAuto was the only recent user of the Vendor Forum, it is being locked and eventually discontinued as its content becomes increasingly obsolete
  • If a member wants to start offering a service or launch a business relevant to our core content, please make a post in Members Offering Services.
  • Should you receive a RockAuto discount code, please post it in the RockAuto discount code thread which has been relocated to, and stickied in the Internet Finds and Good Deals forum.
Thank you for your patience with our changes, and your continued participation.