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    WOT problem

    Ok I have waited long enough to post this. This have been like this since I have had the car. On WOT My engine wraps up really fast and then it will have alittle more pickup but there is not any torque feeling (sucking me back into my seat.) My friends 95 PI will not wrap up so high and it will suck you back same with my dads 03 GM. What could be up. Could this be a torque converter problem or what? Yes it did do this before I get me tune. What could this be and have any of you experienced this? I have 3.55 rear gears.
    2000 Mustang GT "Blondie", 2000 CVPI "Sargent Crusty"

    With your gears being different, the issue is that your friend most likely has the lower(numericaly) gear in the rear. The converter is running into more resistance early on, so your friends PI gives more low end push. You car gets to 5-10mph before the RPM catches up to the converter, because with your gear change at half the stall of the converter your car is already moving. It's the same power, but it just gets applied more smoothly. This would be true if all things were equal.

    But they aren't. Given the years of difference, there are many thing that changed. Maybe you have a different stall converter. Most likely the computer handles the transmission better for making a smoother ride. Not really a good comparison with a 95 vs 2000. You'r car is probobly fine, that's how it was designed to act.


      You car sounds fine.

      These are not Mustangs, you will not be thrown back into your seat.


        Ya but I think my dads old 2000 GM with 2.73s and single exhaust would beat my car with all my mods. I wish I could make it to scottfest so you guys could feel what I'm talking about. I also forgot me say was that anything over 80 it takes forever to get anywhere. My car does not perform like any other panther. Not in the good way it is a dog. I haven't done any "go fast" mods to it cause it doesn't seem worth it cause the car is a dog. I took it to the drag strip several months ago. My car ran stock a 17.3 Quarter. Everyone runs 15s or low 16s stock. I posted this over at the other place and here is a link to what this guy said.
        I know our cars arn't fast but I have driven 4 panthers through the years and mine seems like a dog.
        2000 Mustang GT "Blondie", 2000 CVPI "Sargent Crusty"


          some panthers seem ridiculously slow, while others feel incredibly ballsy

          slow, sort of

          the 87 wagon

          feel faster than they probably are

          the merc :3gears:

          my 85 cs
          my 86
          and the 89 my parents used to borrow from a friend(if you guys wanna hear about that one, let me know)
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