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Check here if you feel you have a engine miss.

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    Check here if you feel you have a engine miss.

    I have seen hundreds of threads that say they replaced plugs and wires, and even coils, and it is still there. Take my advice. If you can afford all this stuff, buy a compression tester first! Just like this one below. It is 25 bucks at Sears. Engine compression should be within 20% across the board before it gets ugly. like 7 of em read 165ish and one is 95, that one IS your problem. usually caused by head gasket leaks ,sometimes valve and ring issues. Save some money and time. Diagnose it right! After all you were going to replace the plugs anyway right? No harm in that after you have to remove them to do this test anyway. At least you wont be buying wires, coils so on when you may not need to. I recommend you electrical tape the fitting to the hose on this tester, so it wont self unthread while you remove it from the plug hole.
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    Great idea! I have a slight miss at idle and a BAD coolant leak somewhere in the back of the engine. New wires/plugs/cap. Maybe a head gasket? Intake gasket? I will check when I'm tired of buying antifreeze.......
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      Well the coolant leak could be a lot of things, but it dont hurt while you are going to do the plugs, check the compression on all cyls. This way you know if those new plugs are going to change anything or not. 1 bad cyl compression feels identical to a bad plug, wire, or (c.o.p. for 98+) .The $25 spent on a tester, even if you find no compression problems is nothing...You can use it for the rest of your life or as long as things use plugs anyway. Ive found 3 bad head gaskets in 10 times of using it. One on my unc's 92 CV, which new plugs have never solved the miss for him.
      It is a great way to monitor engine condition, if this year you have an average of 155, then the next it is 120, you can bet you are having a wear issue.


        There are steel expansion ("freeze") plugs on the front and back of each head. Might be one rotted out on you. Or you could have had a head bolt snap. I've seen that on 5.0 engines before. Poor cooling system care makes those steel plugs just go away. I replaced mine with brass when I rebuilt the motor.
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