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resister to add horsepower - help

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    resister to add horsepower - help

    I currently bought a resister chip they call it too add horsepower. All it is, is a resistor i haveto connect to the Iac sensor it says..This is supposed to modify the air intake to the computer for additional horsepower.
    "IT is a resistor chip that gives out a constant reading of air temperature to your ECU." -thats what the fucker said. -in the instructions it says to locate the Iac sensor...
    He gave me a crappy installation peice of paper. It basically says fuckall..
    Im wondering where abouts the Iac sensor is on my 92 grand marquis, 4.6L..
    If its around the air filter box or closer to the intake of the engine..


    How much did you pay for that shit? Not much I hope because that's just an gimmick. Doesn't do shit, just either ups the idle or richens the fuel mixture. It really won't do a damn thing for your car.


      The IAC is the Idle Air Control and it's mounted in a very hard to get to location. It's next to where the upper intake mounts to the lower intake. (The elbow that the throttle-body mounts too is the upper intake, follow that down to where you find 4 bolts, and that's the lower intake.) It's very tight at the back between the wiper box and the engine.

      It's probably refering to the IAT (Intake Air Temp. sensor). That's mounted on the air box lid next to the MAF.

      I have heard of these mods, but I don't think it's a good idea to go playing around with the sensor signals.

      Car: 2004 Mercury Marauder
      Engine/Tranny: 49k miles and bone stock....for now


        Hi cfh004

        The next time you get the urge to fritter $20 or so, send it to me in the UK I can waste it in a much better fashoin than you can.

        Sorry to tell you my friend but you've been had, it doesn't work


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          okay, thanks guys..
          yeah i paid 30$cdn for it on ebay, paid using paypal..soo ill just say i didnt get the item and i will be refunded. heh :banana:


            Those resistors make it run rich. They hurt performance. Do your research carefully for your car. I would be glad to help you in your quest for HP. Most all of my mods I do to my car must do three things, gain power, reliability, and fuel economy. So far I have been successful.
            Chris - A 20th Century Man \m/ ^.^ \m/