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    Just got an '87 GM and I've got about $600 to put into it at the moment......I know its not much, but anyone have any suggestions?

    What are your goals?

    What do you want to get out of it? Performance, or looks, or what? Personally, performance is the more enjoyable of the two...

    And welcome to GMN! Stick around, and take a look thru the forums, and you will quickly figure out something you'd like to do!
    1983 Grand Marquis 2Dr Sedan "Mercules"
    Tremec TKO conversion, hydraulic clutch, HURST equipped!


      Tune-up, hoses, belts, leaking gaskets, brakes, steering, tires.

      That will probably use up your $600 and then some, but the car will be reliable.


        This is a great site, I've been looking around for a couple weeks and found alot of great info. I guess my goals would be a comfortable medium between performance and economy. Its only got 80k on it, already got a tune up, belts are new, no leaks whatsoever, lubed suspension and repacked bearings and new brakes because of a weird kind of rubbing noise which I can't figure out :dunno: . Tires are new, body is all good besides a couple hail dents. I've been thinkin about getting Mustang offroad h pipes but not sure which ones to get or whether they'll bolt up correctly or if its even worth bolting them up to the stock 302.


          if you're looking for a happy medium so to speak, duals and better gears are a good route to go. and if you're frugal and semi mechanically inclined you'll stay under or just barely go ver 600.

          on the drivers door, there is a sticker with codes and such. you want to look for where it says ax. what is the number/letter under it? if you go to a junkyard, you're going to want to look for one where that ax code is a k. thats 3.55 trac-loc. that will be a big difference from say 2.73 thru 3.08. if yours is a 3.27, the difference bewteen that and 3.55's aren't much
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            for 600 you should be able to do 4 kyb shocks and headers, a h pipe and dual exhaust.....that would be an excellent start
            welcome to gmn!

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              Yes, check on ebay, for under $200 you can find a dual exhaust system with mufflers, tailpipe and stock H-pipe. That's good unless you want bigger than stock pipes.


                Thanks for your ideas I haven't found anything on ebay as of yet so I'm considering just ordering new mustang off road h pipes - what year mustang h pipes fit these cars? Will they mount up to the stock manifold? Thanks for your help guys


                  Well, a mustang H-pipe wont bolt to stock manifolds.

                  I would just get like a set of stock mustang headers (or mark 7 headers) which can be had in the classified of for cheap.

                  Do you have strict emissions laws? if not, buy an offroad h-pipe from I belive they are like 130 bucks or so.

                  Heres the difference, the headers are on the top, manifold on the bottom. This is why it wont work.

                  After thing, get the muffs and tailpipe of your choice. what has been suggested are all good. Also, what kind of sound are you looking for?

                  Lets us all know.

                  1983 Grand Marquis 2Dr Sedan "Mercules"
                  Tremec TKO conversion, hydraulic clutch, HURST equipped!