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EFI 347 Stroker

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    EFI 347 Stroker

    I blame the man at the performance shop that put this in my head . . . .

    To make a 302 into a 347, how far does it need to be bored out?
    What size fuel injectors should be used?
    What rate of fuel pump would be needed to keep up?
    Does H.O. upper intake and parts work for this application or is aftermarket called for?
    Heads and headers: GT40p and H.O. headers?
    ECM: custom burn stock ECM.
    Use stock lower intake and fuel rails.
    Is a 347 just plain overkill?

    Does any of this make sense?

    347 is accomplished by a longer stroke and a .030" overbore.

    its much cheaper and easier to buy a shortblock/engine already assembled. I can get new, 347 shortblocks from FRPP for $2250.

    the cam, injectors and heads really depend on how much money you want to spend and how much power you want to make. mild side would be some ported E7's or GT40p heads, E cam and 24lb injectors.
    Keep in mind this engine would require a MAF conversion and a custom chip. A larger fuel pump will most likely be required.

    Stock HO intake would work, but would be a major restriction.
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      Or you could start with a 351.....
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