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I think I found myself a Car...

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    I think I found myself a Car...

    Posted this in the Noob forum as well...

    Hey all, I'm 15 and don't have my license yet. But since I was 11 I've been working on cars with my Father. Well anyway my dad has been driving Marquis for the past 10-15 years and I love them (Vics as well) But I think I have found a deal that I should jump on. My buddies dad is selling his '88 Marquis, It has 168,000 Miles and some body rust. The rust isn't too bad and I know it can be easily fixed. The motor runs well and the tranny doesn't seem to have any problems. anyway he is only asking $200 the Interior needs some work but I really don't care. Anyway I was just looking for some other peoples opinions on the deal. I'll try to get some pictures of it aswell.

    Well thanks in advance, Dave
    Resident diesel addict

    Sounds like it could be a nice first car.

    Rust is hard to get rid of. If I had a choice between a rust-free car with bad mechanicals or a rusty car with good mechanicals, I would choose the rust-free car.

    Check the frame for holes. I looked at a very clean 90 Grand Marquis that had a huge hole in the frame where the transmission crossmember attaches on the driver's side.

    Once again, welcome and good luck with your first car. My first car was a 1978 Ford Granada.



      $200 for a running car that has a roof on it is a good deal. if it hasnt been beat on, and has been maintained well, that car will last you a few years, as long as you keep up the trend. you will be happy owning and driving a Grand Marquis, one of the finest automobiles you can get. im sure everyone here will agree with what ive said. let us know what happens.

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        Originally posted by Jason91GM
        one of the finest automobiles you can get. im sure everyone here will agree with what ive said
        Lol OF COURSE everyone here will agree with you. This is GRANDMARQ.NET!!!

        Good luck with the car.
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        Yeah.... it\'s stock. =)


          check the grommet on the tv cabnle
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            sounds about like my first car...minor body rust in not noticeable places. got the car for $300.00 with a brand spanking new electrical system. Hope the thing works out for ya...just realize these cars are OLD and will require a lot of TLC and R&R to keep working...and they will break on you frequently. Other than that we are all here to help ya out so go get it and take some pix!
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              I'd suggest something w/o rust and fewer miles for your first car. If you want to stay in the box body class there should be plenty of other cheap choices with under 100k because old people are the most common first owners. I saw three boxes in the paper over the weekedn under $1000 with less than 100k.

              I bought a 91 nissan first and that car never gave me any problems, once I had a solid ride I bought an 80' zephyr for $100 to fix up and drive later. You only get what you pay for.
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                Well I bought it. When I said rust I didn't mean bad rust. just a little body rust. Looks like a typical New England car. It will be stripped, Primered and re-painted first. The engine was rebuilt about 10,000 miles ago I guess and it does run real strong. Tranny is a replacement that had 45,000 miles on it that was put in about 25,000 miles ago. besides that everything is in good order. Ran it on our friends farm today and had some fun. anyway I'll keep it updated and get some pics asap.

                ~ Dave
                Resident diesel addict




                    Well there are a few things with the new car that I must take care of. My Number one priority is the body rust which I will have under control. One thing I really would like to do is run dual exhausts. Recomendations would be good and links to parts would be even better. X pipe configurations, H pipe ones? What are some of your preferences? Could I get some links to some decent mufflers that will make the car a bit more "throaty?" I will also be looking into a better intake setup to increase performance, Any opinions on that one? I know most will say "C'mon man it's your first car" But I'm just looking for some decently cheap modifications to increase performance and the overall feel of the car to me. If I had, had more money I'd be buying a late Model Police interceptor Vic '98+ but it was either that or a box. ( I dislike the 92-97 body years of the Vics and Marquis) But Links to some parts and maybe some good reading articles about modifications would be much aprieciated.

                    ~ Dave
                    Resident diesel addict


                      You def wont get the "its your first car" attitude here.

                      You never forget your first car. Ever.

                      Maybe its cause we like to mod merks :coocoo:
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                        boxbodies rule. I constantly see others and start checking them out for parts. My roomate was nice enough to point out that most of the vehicles I point out as parts cars are in better shape than mine.

                        And you're right about never forgetting your first car. I still miss mine, a 68 Beetle that I wrecked.
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                        Originally posted by phayzer5
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                          Good luck with the car. Dave, where are you located in Massachusetts? I'm in the Greater Boston area.

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                            Holy cow, back from the dead.

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                              Yeah back from the dead indeed. I'm in the Western Mass area, by Springfield.
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