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Trunk tension rods

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    Trunk tension rods

    Have anyone succesfully put back the tension rods back in the trunk? I tried to adjust mine one time and it popped out and i was never luck enough to get it back it.. Now my trunk feel like its a 60 pound heavy as Anyone ever removed one and got it back in? Whats the trick ......
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    TRUNK tension rods!!!

    Take it to a body shop, they can pop it right back in... probably won't even charge you for it... And watch how they do it for future refrence!!! Tom...

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      I have with the help of my dad. It seems like a bitch, and is untill you get it in. Hook the end in fist, and then push at the 90 degree bend. That is what we did, one hand to make sure the end didn't pop out, and the other three to push. Could probobly do it alone now that we figured how to get it in.


        The easiest way I have found is to grab a cheap bottle jack and a piece of 2x4.

        Put the bottle jack up against the lip of the trunk with a piece of wood behind it, and measure between the top of it and the hook on the tensioning rod.

        Cut the 2x4 to length and cut a notch in the side of it for the hook to rest in. A screw or a little piece of metal screwed to the side would work better. Cut a notch, or drill a hole in the opposite end for the ram on the jack to fit.

        Basically it is as simple as holding the jack and 2x4 in place, until the tension is enough to do it for you. Then jack the hook back to where you want it.

        I got the tension to high on the first one and the #%#$ thing would fly up and bust you in the chops if you let go of it and werent paying attention. So I suggest moderation.

        Hopefully that wasn't to lousy of a description.
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          It took a tow strap and two buddies on the vic. It was a whore, never had a car that difficult to adjust.
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            Ok heres the real deal. get a bottle cap, a beer mug, a box of sugar cubes,
            two chineese blonde cab drivers, Three of your best friends, and a Spatula.
            yep that should just about do it.




                I forget who it was, but someone on the other site told me how to do it with a peice of conduit and a bolt and some washers. Seems like it would work, tho I haven't tried it yet, cause I'm lazy. I really need to finish that before winter tho, cause the Vic is goin back on the road and a working trunk would really help.

                Basically take a peice of conduit cut it to length(not sure what the actual length should be, but I'm guessing make it as long as possible, but small enough to fit up on that shelf in the trunk to adjust) and drill a hole in one end put a bolt thru the hole and some washers and a spacer, hook it onto the rod and pull. Sounds easy and sounds like it should work. We will see.