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Tach wireing?

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    Tach wireing?

    Well i finaly got my tach the other day, 5 inch Auto Meter Monster tach but dident come with instructions. I read how to do it on the Auto Meter website but have a few questions.
    1. Were does the green wire go(Tach singnel)? I know to the coil but were at on it?
    2. The white wire were can I splice into to hook it up at? It's for the illumnation.
    3. Weres a good place to hook the hot wire(red one)? Says ingiton switch, is there anywere else?
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    1-the green wire is the tach wire on the coil
    2-illumination wire, you can splice it to the radios illumination(blue with red strip wire)
    3-you can also tap in to ur ignition wire from the radio too(i think its the yellow with black wire)im not 100% on that one.

    this is what i done on my 91' when i put in a sun pro tach, so it should work!

    good luck!

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