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    New Member w/ Questions

    Hey guys im the newest member. I just bought two grand marquis one 88 and one 89. The 89 is fully loaded fr & rr sway bars power seats the whole works. The 88 which im putting on the road is not as loaded as 89 but still a nice car. I got both cars at a dealership for $700 bucks which i thought was a killer deal. I have some questions ???

    1. What is the "K" code rear end (posi or heavy duty???)
    2. My 88 gm has the material half roof but has the full back window
    is it hard to pull the material off so i can have the steel bare to paint
    the same color as the rest of the car.
    3. How do i find out if the car has heavy duty equipment ie, springs,
    alternator, rearend.....
    4. Has anyone lowered a grand marquis im looking into lowering mine
    just with springs.
    5. how wide of a wheel can you actually get under the back of gm with the
    wheel lip cut back.
    Anyways i guess thats it for now. Thanx for the great gm site. I cant wait to start modifiying mine. I hope i posted this in the rite spot.

    Welcome porkchop!

    Sounds like you got a killer deal! Now lets start on those questions...
    1. The K code is a 3.55 Limited slip rear. You can tell if you got it by looking at your door tag for a "K" for the axle code.
    2. Vinyl top removal is a bitch. But it is recommended if you want to remove that trim and go vinyless, get crown vic chrome trim. It would look sweet, but theres all that damn glue and shit you gotta remove under the top.
    3. Look for the K code. You got a rear swaybar. how thick is it? Does it have dual exhaust? I think you may have a tow package car....
    4. Not sure on that one....
    5. I run a 15X8 with a 275/60R15 out back, but I also run station wagon HD cargo coils and air shocks (the air shocks are kinda not needed now) And I have no problems... Some people claim you can run a 15X10, but you would need the above mentioned items. There goes your idea of lowering...

    Hope this answers your question, and Im moving this to tech...

    Welcome to GMN!!!!!!!
    1983 Grand Marquis 2Dr Sedan "Mercules"
    Tremec TKO conversion, hydraulic clutch, HURST equipped!