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Brake Upgrade Part Numbers And Prices.

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    Thanks for the info Pirate!

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    Guest started a topic Brake Upgrade Part Numbers And Prices.

    Brake Upgrade Part Numbers And Prices.

    Hello, again, gang.

    This thread covers some high-performance brake upgrades for Crown Victorias, Grand Marquis, and Lincoln Town Cars. In addition to showing what's out there for brake upgrades for 1982-2009 CV's, since the 1998-2002 brake upgrade, developed by Scott and company, involves, well, removing specific components from 1998-2002 Crown Vics and Grand Marquis automobiles and installing them on the earlier 'Box' cars, the upgrades for the 1998-2002 cars also apply to 1982-1991 Boxes that have the updated suspension hardware.

    These part numbers represent more than a few hours of research, and I hope someone will be able to use at least a bit of what's presented here.

    In addition, please keep in mind that all of the prices here are full retail. Those who are creative will figure out a way around retail pricing, or at least you can contact others who might be able to get screaming deals on these parts....

    Knowing that the prices are full retail, with the possibility of finding them cheaper elsewhere....please keep any comments, such as bitching about prices, or bitching about life in general, keep them out of here, as this is going to be an informative thread about doing something positive and not a showcase of life's non-winners complaining about parts they will never own. Speed costs money, how fast do you want to go....or how much faster do you want to stop?

    That being said....if you have something informative and helpful to add to this thread, by all means, add it. This is meant to be a sort of 'work-in-progress', and at least give everyone some hot-rod parts to think about, with a type of car that threatens to grow stale as time goes by.

    Now we shall begin with the festivities....

    What will be listed initially are parts that are available (or should be) at any local NAPA across the USA. As evidenced by some of the responses with my Alternator upgrade thread, obviously, some NAPA stores are ran by morons. You might also be able to find some of these parts at other parts chains; I'm simply getting part numbers and prices out there.

    (Please note; you must install steel piston Police calipers to run these pads)

    Performance Friction Carbon Metallic Brake Pads
    Part number: 0346.20
    Price: $49.98

    NAPA Ultra-Premium Severe Duty brake pads
    Part Number: UP 7082 SD
    Price: $69.88

    Police brake calipers with steel pistons:
    Part numbers:
    242-4024 (Left side) Price: $25.59 + $20.00 core
    242-4025 (Right side) Price: $25.59 + $20.00 core
    Concerning core charges....most will not notice if you put your old phenolic-piston calipers in as cores....

    Please note that I'm skipping 1992-1994 CV's, as parts availability is a bit sketchy for now....


    Performance Friction parts:

    Front carbon metallic pads: 0659.20
    Price: $49.68

    Front rotors: 291.066.01
    Price: $106.88 each (fits either side)

    Rear pads:
    1995-only, part number 0544.20
    Price: $49.98

    1996-1997, part number 0674.20
    Price: $48.97

    Rear rotors
    Part number: 284.050.01....these rotors fit from 1996-2002, no rear rotors are available from PF for the 1995-down CV's.
    Price: $127.59

    NAPA parts for 1995-1997

    Ultra-Premium Severe Duty pads, front
    Part number: UP 7537 SD
    Price: $77.97

    Front High-performance rotors
    Part numbers:
    PR86492L (left), price $121.44
    PR86492R (right), price $121.44

    Rear 1996-1997 high-performance rotors
    Part numbers:
    PR86595L (left), price $111.29
    PR86595R (right), price $111.29


    Performance Friction parts

    Front rotors
    Part number: 315.066.01
    Price: $106.88 each

    Front pads
    Part number: 0748.20
    Price: $63.99 for the set

    Rear rotors
    Part number: 284.050.01 (fits 1996-2002)
    Price: $127.59 each

    Rear pads
    Part number: 0674.20
    Price for the set: $48.97

    NAPA parts

    Front Ultra Premium Severe Duty pads
    Part number: UP 7617 SD
    Price for the set: $79.98

    Front High Performance rotors
    Part numbers:
    86744L (left), $146.88 each
    86744R (right), $146.88 each

    Rear NAPA rotor and pad part numbers will be added later....


    Performance Friction parts

    Front pads
    Part number: 0931.20
    Price: $89.99

    Front rotors
    Part number: 305.045.01
    Price each: $106.88

    NAPA parts

    Front Ultra Premium Severe Duty pads
    Part number: UP 7834 SD
    Price: $83.88

    Front high-performance rotors
    Part numbers:
    PR880110L (Left), price $136.88
    PR880110R (Right), price $136.88

    Rear severe duty pads
    Part number: UP 7835 SD
    Price: $81.99

    Rear high performance rotors
    Part numbers:
    PR880129L (Left), price $106.09
    PR880129R (Right), price $106.09

    A note concerning NAPA high-performance rotors: They are slotted AND drilled only. In addition, should some of the NAPA rotor part numbers not work when you look them up....try adding 'PR' to the front of the part number....or just look them up by application. And if they can't find the parts....try another NAPA.

    I will add to this as more information comes available, or to correct any possible errors.

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