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CV side trim - paint?

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    CV side trim - paint?

    The gray strip of trim along the side of the CV is faded in spots and really takes away from the car. I don't want to remove it for two reasons: 1. it protects the doors; 2. it's a bit of a mess to remove.

    Is there a certain paint that should be used on this type of rubber/plastic? What color should I go with? Dark gray?

    Here's an idea of what it looks like now.

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    Color Coat....

    Go to a body shop supplier that carries S.E.M. vinyl dye... it comes in a spray can, and it comes in every color you can think of... Get a pint of some good cleaning prep stuff there at the supply place too... to clean them before you dye them... if you don't, they will fade, crack, and peel.... Tape off the side moldings, (JUST the rubber part!) And after you clean them with the cleaner, let them dry, and then spray a light coat on, let it set for a few minutes, and then apply another, etrc etc etc.... Go with multiple light coats, instead of one heavy coat... it will come out much better.... It should really dress up the moldings...
    I used the stuff for my dash in my 1984 LTD... and it came out great... it is now a year or so old, and still looks like new...

    Let me know if you can't find it... i have a link here somewhere to a supply house that carries it....
    Actually, Eastwood Products carries it... but i don't think they carry the whole line of colors...

    Here is a color chart from S.E.M.'s website...

    And here is the link to the aerosol page:

    And a link to find a dealer near you:

    Hope this helps!!!

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      Cool. Thanks, man.


        Tom, again, thanks. I went down to Hedahls and found what I needed. I'm going to use Bulldog Adhesion Promoter and color 15353, Light Titanium. The Lt. Titanium matches the vinyl top and will lighten the trim strip a little bit, but it should balance out the look of the car nicely. I had to order the paint, so I'll get it in the morning. I'll scrub the trim good before I start on it.