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Engine detailing tips.

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    Engine detailing tips.

    Following up on this thread, I thought I'd post some engine detailing tips.

    I wash my engine every couple of months so it never gets too dirty. Plus I use an old California Car Duster to keep it clean between washes.

    I did clean it at a car wash bay with a pressure washer. Typically, I'll use Simple Green but this time I just used the automotive soap that comes out of the pressure washer.

    First, be sure to cover the alternator and with foil to avoid soaking it.

    I never squeezed the trigger on the pressure washer as the low setting was enough to soap and rinse the engine.

    After I applied the soap. I used brushes of various sizes (which can be found in any automotive section/store) to get in crevices and around the intake.

    Once the engine and surrounding fenders have been rinsed off, I dried the engine with dark-colored towels. Towels of colors other than white tend not to leave as much visible lint.

    Be sure to use paper towels and cotton towels (or shop rags) to get the water that puddles up in various locations.

    I use a flathead screwdriver, with a towel draped over it to get in the tight spots such as the areas around the fuel injectors, where water always collects.

    If you have access to high pressure air, then your job will be even easier.

    As for protectant/shine, I usually use Aerospace 303 Protectant.

    This time, I wanted to use a spray so I picked up a can of Black Magic Tire Wet spray.

    (Their website needs to be updated as the product is not listed on there.)

    If you use a tire spray, be sure to read the warnings on the back. Out of the 15 sprays I looked at, Black Magic was the only one that was safe for painted surfaces and was recommened for use on black surfaces and dashboards.

    Plus, the can has three spray settings to help you avoid overspray.

    Near the fenders and chrome areas, I applied the product to a rag and then applied by hand.

    For even more tips, click here.

    Hope this helps.
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