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+1 PITA, but not near as bad as suspension stuff. Just f'n messy.
Took me all day. Need to get one of those spring clamp pliers. Trying to use channel locks or vise grips is a pain in the royal ass. Had issues with the coolant overflow hose clamp and the OFA one. Also the wiring loom that runs down the side of the OFA is just dumb. I couldn't get the wire back on to the bracket because when you do that it blocks the second bolt that goes into teh block.

While the radiator and coolant overflow hoses went easy enough the OFA one I couldn't get off, seeing as I was replacing the upper & lower hoses I just cut the hose with my tin snips to start then hack sawed it off then took the hose off with my massive channel locks.

Partway through when I got the camera.

Had to JB weld the pressure switch cover. It cracked with the quickness, no surprise considering its been on the car since 11/1996.

Have seen worse, not much corrosion or pitting.

Reason for the leak, the rubber rings of OFA gasket failed to remain pliable. The oil ports on the gasket were completely flat flush with the plastic surround.

Gates hoses fit good.

No leaks now.